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Enthusiast - Speedy Kit

Enthusiast - Speedy Kit

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Did you know that dirty windows and mirrors decrease your driving visibility? This may lead to a crash.

These kits are designed for that crazy hydrophobic(water repellent) coating extremists!  For the people that love the water bedding look in the rain,  and excited watching all the water fly off on the motorway. 

This kit is perfect because it includes all three steps needed to make any vehicle look its best, stay that way longer, and makes it easier next time.





This kit includes five and a half litres of that good stuff called Speedy Coating.  It's not just the name but also describes the application.

Within minutes of Speedy Coating being applied, you car will look clean, shiney and repel the harth New Zealand rain like never before.



5 Litres - Speedy Coating

500ml - Speedy Coating

500ml - Luxxio Car Wash

5x Sponges

2x Drying Cloths


Step 1: WASH

Open two sponges, they are air sealed for transport and will take a few minutes to fully expand.

Add a small amount of Luxxio concentrated car wash to a large bucket. 50ml per 5l  

Rinse off the car with a garden hose or water blaster. Starting at the top and working your way to the bottom.

Use a sponge and soapy water to wash your vehicle. starting from the top and rinse the sponge frequently with fresh water or hose.

Rinse off the soap. 




Step 2. WAX

While your car is still wet, spray one or two squirts of Speedy Coating onto one panel or window at a time and mix with a new separate Speedy Coating sponge.  

Go around the whole car and wait a few minutes then rinse off the extra speedy coating. Check with the hose that its hydrophobic and nothing is missed.




Step 3: DRY

Drying the car is very important. It ensures no water or coating excess is left on the paint.

Dry top to bottom and ring out or twist the cloth when it seems full.


Now you should have a very clean and shiny looking car.  Refill the 500ml Speedy Coating bottle as needed with the 5 Litre.



The speedy sponge shouldn't be dirty and store in clean place for next wash. Replace wash sponge as needed. Rinse with clean water drying cloths or machine wash as needed. 




WAX: Luxxio’s Speedy Coating creates that eye-catching, detailed finish to exterior surfaces. Adding shineprotection and a hydrophobic layer with little effort and maximum results.

Paint: Decrease water spotting and increase water repellency, meaning a cleaner surface for longer.

Glass: Increase visibility during rain on your windscreen as Speedy Coating creates amazing water beading while driving.

Wheels: Applying Speedy Coating to wheels decreasing dirt, iron and grime build up. Rain and puddles help self-clean the wheels.

  • High Gloss & Shine
  • Long Lasting, 3 Plus Months
  • Easy, Post Wash, Wet Application
  • Hyper Hydrophobic / Water Repellent
  • Matte and Gloss Surface safe
  • Safe on all glass, paint, rubber and plastic exterior surfaces.
  • Speedy Coating can be layered, additional coats will increase protection and hydrophobic effects.



Shake well, ensure the car is cool to the touch and in shade.


1. Clean and rinse car of excess dirt and grime.

2. While the car is still wet, apply 2 to 3 Sprays per panel, work solution onto the panel using a Luxxio Sponge or All Purpose Microfibre Cloth.

3. Let the solution sit for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Rinse with a strong stream or water blaster to remove excess residue and activate polymer coating.

5. Remove remaining water with a drying towel.




      WASH: Luxxio's Luxury Wash provides an effective and satisfying result with every wash. Designed with a lubricating agent, our formula gets beneath the dirt particles, safely lifting away any resistant dirt and grime from the paint. This greatly reduces scratching during the car wash process. An anti-static agent is also included to reduce future dirt build up.

      Volume: 500 ML

      Washes: 10-20x

      50ml Per Wash; Diluted to 5 Litre bucket, concentration can change based on dirt level of vehicle


      • Rapid Penetration
      • Removes Dirt & Grime
      • Foam Gun + Water Blaster Compatible
      • Safe on all Exterior Surfaces
      • Biodegradable / pH Neutral
      • Anti-Static Agent
      • Safe for use on all vehicle types; Motorbike, Trucks, Motorhomes, boat etc

      DRY: High-Quality Waffle Drying Towel.

      Tap water contains chemicals and minerals that once dry leave residue on your paint. This then slowly damages the clear coat as well as looking horrible. Using this after each wash will dramatically improve the final look of your vehicle.



      - Washable

      - 70 x 30 CM’s

      - Super absorbent

      - Design to be gentle on surfaces




      1. Slightly Dampen towel and ring out.
      2. Place towel flat over surface area
      3. Holding the two front facing corners, pull the towel over the surface. This avoids placing pressure only any part of the towel, meaning if any dirt is caught in the towel you will reduce the chances of scratching the surface of the vehicle.
      4. Ring out towel after each panel or when the towel feels over saturated.
      5. After use, rinse in warm water and allow to dry under shade.




      • Hand Washed: Towels are besthand washed if not dirty. Use warm water and work towel until any small amounts of dirt are gone. Dry under shade if possible.
      • Machine Wash: Use a cold or warm cycle, delicate, and a very small amount of liquid detergent. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTNER, as that will stop the towel from absorbing water.



      • Only use on 'clean' wet surfaces.
      • The towel is more effective when slightly damp.
      • Ring out towel after drying each panel.



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